Smooth Sailing....
Well , better late than never, as our weather is really good for the last leg home. We have had an extraordinary great fishing trip, great weather while fishing, super great group of guys to fish with, and Stan Vandenburg , and Jeff Larsen as our hosts with the most. Lots of personal bests were obtained by many of our guests this trip and everyone did a heck of a good job while all this went down, the Indy crew included. We will be back to San Diego at 0530 tomorrow, sea ya then Jeff and the Indy crew


Independence News
Izorline has just announce some prizes they will be giving away on their upcoming trip to passengers: Makaira 2 Speed Reel,Avet Reel & Hats,Costa Sunglasses Graphtech Rod,Chuck Byron Prints,and More prizes from Turners. A couple spots still remain for next week. Call today for information on booking a ticket.

Fishing Conditions
Overall very good conditions with warmer then usual water with good signs of bluefin and yellowfin tuna, wahoo are also showing at Alijos rocks for the 7/8 day trips.

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