It's Cow Time on the Indy
Today was real deal fishing for Yellowfin tuna from 100 to 315 lbs. the sign is good as well. 3 big stand outs today , 315, 247, 209 lb. as well as lots of 140 to 180 lb. fish. We definitely had our chances today, and everyone did really well I must say. Picture perfect weather made things even sweeter out here. I think we are going to camp out and try it again tomorrow, check out the pics on F B. Sea ya all then, Jeff


Independence News
Izorline has just announce some prizes they will be giving away on their upcoming trip to passengers: Makaira 2 Speed Reel,Avet Reel & Hats,Costa Sunglasses Graphtech Rod,Chuck Byron Prints,and More prizes from Turners. A couple spots still remain for next week. Call today for information on booking a ticket.

Fishing Conditions
Overall very good conditions with warmer then usual water with good signs of bluefin and yellowfin tuna, wahoo are also showing at Alijos rocks for the 7/8 day trips.

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