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Captains Mark Pisano, Jeff Debuys & Paul Strasser

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Seeker 8 Day Returns

- Here's the jack pot winners , 1st place Eric Diance 71 lb. Yellowfin Tuna, 2nd place Gillis de Momtigny 66.5 lb.Yellowfin Tuna, 3rd place Jim Nelson 65 lb. Yellowfin Tuna. Many thanks to everyone, and great job by all who participated , see you all next year. We departed on a 4 day trip today with high hopes of getting some offshore action going down below. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Hello from the Indy , we've had an extraordinary productive trip , everyone is ready to go home, and we will be docking at 0530 tomorrow, sea ya then, Jeff and the Indy crew

Good Living

- After our early evening ripper on yellows last nite we scouted around and got the anchor down for the evening. After a wonderful pork chop dinner by Michele the jumbo yellowtail found us and the guys put together a very nice score on 30 to 40 lb. beauties till dawn. Today we covered lots of water while catching big calicos and more yellas, and we have one more stop for tomorrow before calling it a trip. The spring fishing this year 2015 has been just outstanding, really one of the best I can remember. Thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew

Another Golden Day

- Wow, today was really a win, win day for us on the Indy. The morning brought really fun fishing for premiums, 25 to 40 lb. yellas, and the afternoon was very productive, as we were topping off our tanks with beautiful greenies, and the yellows got on us for a full speed sundowner on nice grade yella. We are going to sit here tonite and see what happens. Everyone is tired, and ready for the showers. Sea ya all later, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Greetings from the independence, here is what we know. I didn't think it could get any better down here, but I was wrong. Today the gang on board here put the wood to these yellowfin tuna down here. Again like yesterday it was one stop shopping, limit style fishing for all 31 guys on board here. Absolutely the best fishing in quite a while going on rite now. 35 to 70 lb. fish on a terror , rampage bite, full tilt. As always nothing lasts forever, but for the time being things look very favorable for the future trips. We are going to gain some altitude and get into position to hunt down some yellowtail for the next few days. We posted a few more pics on F B from today's carnage, sea ya all later, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Good evening to everyone from the Indy. We arrived at our starting location yesterday and things are going extremely well for us. We've caught nice grade yellowtail, schoolie size yellowfin tuna, and today by far was the best fishing I've experienced in a while, limit style fishing on 35 to 70 lb. yellowfin, just awesome , beautiful fish , biting , biting fish. Everyone on board is blown away so far, super fun fishing. The weather is just perfect as well. We are all going to sleep well tonight , after Michele's famous rack o lamb. We put up a few pics from today's action on our FB page, real beauties, thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew

Seeker 8 Day Departs

- We departed yesterday on our annual Seeker 8 day with Brian Porter as charter-master.We stopped by the bait receivers and topped off with a great load of sardines and are now headed down to the grounds , Brian Porter had all the swag and Seeker rods for everyone to enjoy. The weather looks to be favorable , a plus for sure. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Port Equipment Returns

- We want to extend a huge thanks to Tim Kyelberg and everyone who made the trip this year a huge success. Jack pot went as follows; 1st place Don Haddock , 52 lb. White Sea Bass, 2nd place Dan Kyelberg with a 36 lb. Yellowtail 3rd place Gabe Armenta with a 100 lb. Grouper. Congratulations to all and hope to see everyone back on board next year.

Bass n halibuts... & ETA

- With the beautiful weather while traveling up the line we great action on bull bass and halibuts. It was a great way to break up the ride and add some great table fare to our fabulous catch. We will be back to San Diego at approx 0530 tomorrow, sea ya then, Jeff and the Indy crew


- .. Today we caught a few and travelled most of the day. We are going to try along the beach up the way for tomorrow. We have a little bit of wind to contend with, sea ya then, Indy crew

Somthing for the effort..

- We looked at some different water today and hoped to run into those beauties from a few weeks ago, but no sign of them. On the other hand, we had good action on 18 to 28 lb. tuna, and made a day of it. Good weather for the most part, and we are going to start somewhere different tomorrow. We have a few yellowtail planned for the morning, and then upward. Thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew

Time to move on......

- Again today fishing was off the hook good , for yellowfin tuna and yellowtail. Beautiful grade 18 to 30 lb. fish , both biting simultaneously , simply doesn't get any better. Having some time to go and look at somewhere no one has been for a while, we are going looking, we are either going to be a hero or a zero. Great weather will certainly help the effort. Please wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Great start......

- Really good fishing today for tuna and yellowtail. Everything was 15 to 30 lbs, and on the chew. We are going to try this again tomorrow , good living. Sea ya then, Jeff and the Indy crew

CHECKING IN.........

- Good day to all from the independence, we departed Saturday on the annual Tim Kyelberg 8 day extravaganza with a beautiful supply of sardines from everingham bait co, and lots of our regular , longtime fishing buddies. Along with the usual tackle rigging and R & R there were some really great tackle items received by everyone during the ride down. The latest seeker rods, really nice I might add, beautiful avet reels, and a generous supply of salas jigs that will see lots of action in about 3 hours from this writing. Great weather is on tap for the next few days, so wish us luck, and thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew


- The Independence will dock at Point Loma Sportfishing at 0530 Saturday morning. For those of you departing on Saturdays trip Judy will start sign-in approx 7:00 am. Don't forget your PASSPORTS.

Great Catch Heading Home

- Hello again from the Indy, we have had very good fishing the last few days on both Yellowtail and Yellowfin Tuna. The Yellowtail being 15 to 30 pounds and most of the tuna in the 15 to 25 pound range. The Weather has been nice as well with the exception of one night were it got windy and rough. We are headed home with a nice catch and a happy group of folks. The conditions look more like fall then spring down here with a couple of Wahoo and Dorado caught also. If you want to get out with us this summer we have very few openings left, call Judy now to snatch one of only six opening we have from now until December. Mark and the Indy crew.

Back out

- Hello everyone, we back out and heading down to where the good fishing took place on our last trip. We did have to keep an eye on hurricane Blanca the last couple of days as she steam rolled northwest along the Baja coast before going ashore just above Mag. Bay. We did get some nice rain showers on the way but the ocean has remained calm and our ride has been beautiful. Today we will start fishing and see if the fish are still in the mood. Check back tomorrow for a full run down, take care and wish us luck. The Indy crew.

Beautiful Catch

- We arrived early Sunday to unload our beautiful catch .. Jack pot winners are 1st place Dick Shaffer with a 68 lb. Yellowfin tuna, 2nd place Cash McCormick with a 67 lb.Yellowfin, and David Thomas with a monster 100 lb. plus Grouper Honorable mention goes to Jim Mitchel with a beautiful 50# White Sea Bass. A huge thanks to everyone and Dick Shaffer who made the trip this year a HUGE success, sea you all next year. Jeff and the Indy crew

Nice Finish

- Hello again from the Indy. Here is what we know, we made a stop for Calico's yesterday that turned into a full on bass attack, as they were really chewing, big fat bass. We tried a few Halibut drifts , and called it a day. Today we made some more drifts, and had good action on butts up to 25 lbs. We called it a trip and are on our way up the line. Our E T A looks to be around 0530 tomorrow. This has been a very fun filled trip, excellent fishing and a great group to spend time with catching fish. The hot lures this trip were Salas 7 x and the 6 x heavy yo yo for the jiggers. Thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Hello again from the Independence. We were fortunate again to have good weather and excellent fishing for yellowfin tuna. Most fish were of the 18 to 30 lb. class, and we again obtained our daily limits on these beauties. We saw a few of the bigguns like we caught yesterday, but no go on them. We are currently gaining altitude and have a pretty decent ride, so wish us luck on tomorrow's hot spot. Sea ya then Jeff and the Indy crew


- Today was one of those days every so often when you lick your chops as you slide into spot after spot of fish. On tap for today was beautiful grade yellowfin tuna, 25 to 55 lb. fish biting well at times, everyone's got one on type stuff. When the dust settled we had daily limits for our 31 passengers, just a really good day all around. The weather is good for the most part, a bit breezy in the afternoon. Everyone will rest easy tonite, after Michele's swordfish dinner. We are going to try this again tomorrow, please wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Getting it Done

- Good evening from the Independence. We covered lots of water yesterday with some success on 15 lb . Yellowtail , and then today it was game on for 18 to 30 lb. Yellas. Limit style fishing was on tap , and every method , jigs bait you name it worked well. Lots of yanking and cranking in the hot sun, and a few small Yellowfin Tuna in the afternoon made for a memorable day. We are off to another area for tomorrow to try for Tuna, so please wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Yellows And Blues

- Good evening from the Independence. Currently we are on day 2 of our annual Dick Shaffer 8 day fishing adventure. We tried our hand at the local BFT yesterday and captured 16 of them before dark, and today we had a good sample of Yellowtail fishing this afternoon to break up the ride down the beach. There were lots of giveaways and raffle items in between drifts as well. We are headed down at the moment, with great weather off our bow, and will report again as soon as we have something to report. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

3 day extravaganza

- Great fishing on 3 day extravaganza.... Good evening everyone, we are just checking in from the Indy. We are all finished up on our 3 day Memorial Day special. Yesterday started off with a bang, as there was good sign of 18 to 25 lb. yellowfin tuna biting early, 35 fish and then they vanished. We spent the rest of the day enjoying STEADY fishing on 18 to 25 lb. yellowtail easily catching daily limits. Today we scratched at the yellas, and rock fish before calling it a trip. Everyone had a blast , even if the weather was up, fishing was outstanding. We will be back tomorrow at 0530, sea ya then, Jeff and the Indy crew

Sav-On Tackle 16 Day Wrapup

- We want to thank everyone who made the trip this year, along with big Ed and our great sponsors from Sav=On Tackle. Everyone did a fine job out there with the inconsistent conditions and sporadic bites. Jack pot winners are 1st place Rick Berg with a #228 2nd place Art Cabellero with a # 211 3rd place Sam Raiter with a #180 lb. tuna. Way to keep at it guys, we managed to put it together. See you all soon, many thanks, Jeff and the Indy crew

ETA Friday 5/8/15

- The Indy will arrive at 5:30am on 5/8/2015, See you all here if you plan to meet friends and family...

Game over.....

- Well, we've been working at it day and nite and I can say it hasn't been easy, but we've put together a trip on quality yellowfin tuna, over all tough fishing though. 15 to 20 good ones a day, meaning fish 100 lbs. to 150 lbs. and up, with 20 to 30 filler fish 25 to 50 lb.ers and a chance at a cow here and there. Great weather and a really fun group of guys to fish with is what it's all about. We are headed up. Jeff and the Indy crew

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All is well on the Indy......

- Good evening from the Indy. We saw good sign again today , and put another day together, 26 tuna with fish from 75 to 211 lbs. and sum schoolies 30 to 50 lb.ers as well. We had a few tussles with the locals, grinners so you had to be on your game and pull them in before they ate everything. Everyone is doing great, and the weather is fantastic. Wish us luck tomorrow, Jeff and the Indy crew


- Well, we've been here a day and a half and I can honestly say I'm not super impressed by what I see , and what was going on last week down here we don't see the volume. We've scratched out a day here today, but we're gonna need more action than this. Hopefully tomorrow

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- LOCK N LOADED Well, we are as ready as can be for the bank style fishing, and should be there tomorrow mid day. With any luck we can try for a late afternoon hit. There were some great giveaways and big raffle items provided by Sav On tackle as in okuma reels, Phenix rods, coastal American rail rods, owner hooks ,leadmaster bombs, seaguar floro, blue water bags, and thanks to Rosie and Sean fishermans processing for all the pupu platters and giveaways. We did pick up a lonesome wahoo today, way to go Max. Tune in later for more reports, sea ya then, Jeff and the Indy crew

Bleach Blond Oscar

- Oscar's new hair doo

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All is well on the Indy......

- All is well on the Indy...... Hello again from the Indy, we have been very busy rigging and raffling , here are a few of the luck ones with their new Makaira reels and seeker rods. Beautiful weather out here rite now, and good sign of schoolie yellowfin tuna yesterday afternoon. We should be down in the grounds Sunday , and start the process. Oscar is sporting a new look for the season. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Underway Sav On Tackle

- Hello again from the independence. We were pleasantly surprised with our bait from Everingham Bros. Bait co. this morning; they really do a fine job for us year after year, and are headed south for 16 days with a super great group of fishermen. Sav on tackle is our sponsor this trip and big Ed Cazeres is the charter master. Beautiful weather rolling down the coast right now and looks to stay this way for a while. Tomorrow mucho give aways, along with tackle seminar and some R&R for all. On a sad note, my, our, great friend Mr. Sam Lewis passed away 2 days ago, he was a true gentleman, and always a pleasure to be around and fish with on the Independence. He will be missed greatly, and our condolences go out to his family and friends. Sam my friend rest in peace.. Jeff and the Indy crew

A Sad Day For The Independence

- A Sad Day For Our Family It is with a heart full of sadness that we inform you of the passing of Sam Lewis. For those that knew Sam you know how much he will be missed. For those of you that did not know Sam it's really to bad. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. Sam made 36 long range trips on the Independence and during that time made a lot of good friends. His personality was such that you immediately wanted to be a part of every thing he did on the boat. Every time he would get bit he would let out a yell that had the boat erupt with laughter. When he would sit down for dinner every one wanted to be at his table just to hear his stories. I could go on for hours with stories about Sam. I just want to say we will all miss you and I'm sure we will all meet again. God bless you Sam.. John Collins and the entire Independence Family

Fun 3 Day

- Hello again from the independence. We recently returned from a very successful 3 day adventure that included good Yellowtail fishing, as well as Calico bass and nice reds and a few lings. With great fishing, good weather and a super fun group of fisherman we had a really fun weekend. The jack pot winners are Troy Terwilliger and Jim Lanford with 26.5 lb. Yellowtail and Liping Wang got 3rd place with a 25 lb. Yellowtail. Many thanks to everyone who made it out on the trip, sea ya all soon.

ETA Sunday

- The independence will dock at Point Loma Sportfishing at 6:00 AM Monday.

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Jackpot Winners

- Hello everyone we are back after a very bumpy three days traveling home, we were all glad to be on a big steel boat which made the ride a lot better than it could have been. Big fish on the trip went to Paul Rubio with his 219.5 Yellowfin Tuna on the right, Rodger Long and his 214.5 Yellowfin on the far left, Paul also took third with a 205.5 Yellowfin that his brother Mike is holding in the middle, nice job guys. First time long ranger Mark Johnson landed a 202 for his personal best as well as Mike Rubio landed his best to date with a 181 pound Yellowfin tuna. Wahoo jackpot was taken by Dale Lethcoe at 47.0. A Big thanks goes out to all who made the trip, Rick Ozaki charter master who put together all the give-a-ways from our sponsors, Avet reels, Seaguar fluorocarbon, Graftech rods and Raider jigs thanks again so much.

ETA Friday 4/3/15

- Our ETA for the Indy will be approximately 6;30am. See you all soon..

Finish with a Bang

- We ended our final day of fishing with a good day overall, flat calm weather and great fishing conditions provided steady fishing for most of the day. We had by far the best sign of tuna of the trip with fish blowing out all over the bank all day long even when the bite was off. Hot ticket was a native bait,Pufferfish,Flying-fish, Triggerfish and Skipjack(man bait) all were getting bit better than the Sardine. Water temperature was probably part of the reason with 82.5 degree water the last day and really making the dines sluggish when fished on big hook and line. The jigs also hooked a fair amount of fish in the predawn hours and after dark, Salas PL68 and Tady 15 again stole the show,the kite with both Squid and Flyers accounted for lots of bites as well. Big fish of the day went to Paul Rubio with a 220 pound Yellowfin taken on an oceanic trigger fish. Most of the bigger fish taken were in the 130-180 pound range and there were lots of 30 to 60 pound fish filling the gaps. I will send another report on tackle observations tomorrow as we travel home. Have a great day, Mark and the Indy crew.

Picking Away

- We are still here picking away. The better grade fish are running between 150-180 LBS. with some better ones in the mix. There are also some smaller grade 50-90-LB. fish mixed in along with some Wahoo. The last few days have been a carbon copy in terms of bite time. Absolutely beautiful weather and water conditions. We only have one day left to fish so wish us luck. Mark and the Indy guys

Scratching Away

- Hello again from the Independence, we have been scratching away on the tuna the last couple of days, fair fishing in the early morning and again late in the afternoon on mostly 120 to 180 pound fish with a few bigger, there is also that 50-90 pound fish that we have caught, which we released some and tagged a few. The Wahoo are also nonexistent with 5-6 on the bank in 3 days out here. Weather is just perfect with just enough wind to fly the kite and calm seas. Take care, the Indy gang.

Starting the Trip

- We started the trip off with scratch fishing on 130- 205 pound yellowfin tuna, 16 for the day along with a few handfuls of 50-75 pound fish, weather is a bit breezy at the moment but is forecast to become light and variable by mid week. Conditions overall look good with a nice current and super clean 80 degree water. Daytime temperatures are about 80 with sunny skies, the guys are fishing hard and this morning we have already have six fish that are 140 - 175 by 5AM. We will check back later and let you know how things are going. Wish us luck, the Indy boys.

Raffle Winners

- Congratulations to Don Klahs of Valencia and Brian Kinsey of San Diego. You are the winners of an Avet LX reel. This raffle was held for the people who visited the Independence at the Long Beach Fred Hall show.

Almost There

- We have been traveling for the last couple of days and will start fishing tomorrow, we did make a stop on the way and caught some Wahoo at the rocks to break up the ride a bit. The weather has been very nice with light winds and calm seas. The ocean conditions are unbelievable for this time of year, the water temps. are way above average and the water color is crystal blue everywhere, we also saw a big foamer of Yellowtail one day and ran over a good school one night offshore that looked like tuna, hard to say for sure at full cruise in the dark but one things for sure, the conditions look awesome. We will report back as fishing begins.

Another Great Beginning

- Hello everyone, we back out after a six week maintenance period to keep the Independence in tip top shape, she is looking great and ready for the long season ahead. It is hard to believe this is our 12th season running out of Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego!!! Boy does time fly!!. We have the Rick Ozaki/ Avet reels group out with us for the next 16 days; we took on a very nice looking load of bait from the receivers at Ervingham Bros. Bait Co. In San Diego, it has been very tough bait hauling lately and big thanks go out to all the crews that keep us going with plenty of bait. As a bait hauler I for San Pedro bait Co. In San Pedro and Newport it is sometimes a thankless job but one that we must have to make so. California sportfishing what it is. We are headed south in good weather and the group is in high spirits in anticipation of the upcoming days of big fish hunting. Wish us luck and we will report as the trip progresses. Take care, Mark and the Indy crew.

***New Trips Posted***

- For those of you who are either new to long range fishing or cannot go on the longer trips check out our schedule. We have just added (4) new 3 day trips. 2 in April and 2 in May. It is expected with the already warmer than normal waters these will be ideal for early season fish. You will also notice they're pretty easy on the checkbook. Call the office or book on line. It is expected these trips will fill fast.

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Seeker, Brian Porter 15 Day Re

- Hello folks, here are the lucky cow catchers, 1st place 264 lb. Albert Chuang , 2nd place 241 lb. Mike Montgomery, 3rd place 228 lb. Floyd Spangler, other bigguns, 226 lb. John Martini, 212 lb. Eric Justesen, 204 lb. Phil Havlicek. We want to sincerely thank Seeker rods, and Brian Porter for all the great sponsorship again this year, and to everyone who made the trip such a success. . We look forward to the next adventure. The boat is in for about 2 months doing it's annual boat work , repairs etc. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fred Hall show in March. Sea ya all then, Jeff and the Indy crew

ETA Sunday

- Good day from the Independence. Absolutely beautiful weather today traveling up the line. We will arrive back to San Diego at approx. 0530 tomorrow , sea ya then , Jeff and the Indy crew

Heading up the Line

- Well we are all cleaned up, enjoying a decent ride up the line with a decent catch under our belts. This trip as every other , has been a challenge, mainly weather and conditions related, and we made the most of our time down there in the zone. We had ample chances at landing the coveted Yellowfin Tuna, and Wahoo. Many personal bests were had. What worked this trip was again rail time and in the tackle dept. the Salas PL 68's were on fire early and late as well as sinkers for the smaller baits. The larger baits we caught every nite were used early and late in the day. The weather got in the way more than once, but rain or shine the guys were out there trying, and that always makes a difference. We are shooting for an early arrival Sunday morning. We will post an ETA on Saturday afternoon. Sea ya then Jeff

A Great Ending

- Well gang, we ended the trip with a bang. The early morning sign was as good as it gets down here this morning. At one point everyone had one on. Things were hot and heavy for a couple of hours and then it was over. 38 tuna for the finale; 23 of those were 90 to 220 lbs and the rest were 40 to 60 lb. fish. We did have a couple of chances at bigguns , landed 2 and released a couple. John Martini and Mike Montgomery landed 215 and 220 lb fish.We also had a couple of heart breaks. We really needed to catch a break, and today we did. Great ending, and now we are on our way up in perfect weather. Thanks for checking in, Jeff

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Sunny Weather

- Well, all is good out here in the Indy, we have been scratching away every day on 40 to 60 lb. fish and 80 to 140 lb. fish with a chance at a big one here and there. We put away the rain gear and brought out the sun tan lotion. Everyone is doing well, and we have one more morning , one more chance at stardom, and then it's time to go home. We will have another report tomorrow, thanks for checking in, Jeff and the Indy crew

Made a Move

- We looked over the weather picture and deemed it safe to go check out the bank for today, as that storm had passed by. The fishing wasn't what we thought it to be, as very little fish during the day, a few here and there, and the sundowner proved to be the best time. The grade today was 60 to 150 lbs and we are going to see if we can get a nite bite going tonite. Rain today off and on all day made for some challenging conditions. Thanks for checking in, Jeff

All Day Affair

- Good evening everybody. We got going very early this morning catching Yellowfin Tuna, and pretty much stayed busy all day long. The bulk of the catch is 60 to 140 lbs, with some 50 lb. stuff abundant at times. Two stand outs today, Albert Chuang caught a 230 lb. tuna, and Floyd Spangler also with a 215 lb. beauty in the wee hours. It was a real mixed bag, as you didn't know if the bite was a 100 or a 50 lb. fish and everyone had a great time yanking and pulling . Great weather is on tap for the moment, and we are going to try this again tomorrow, so wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Wahoo Bonanza

- Good evening everybody from the Independence. We made a stop today to try our hand at the Wahoo game, and came out a winner. 87 big fat Wahoo hit the deck for our efforts, and I think 5 or 6 guys caught their daily limit of these beauties. 40 to 55 lb. fish for the most part, and the weather was just as good as it gets out here. Lots of life, whales, birds, porpoise, fish jumping everywhere, great day all around, topped off by Ed's roasted chicken dinner. We are now headed down to the lower zone in hopes of some tuna action.The hot lures today were Capt Jimmy's bombs, and Salas 6x jr pink and black. I sent some pics on our FB page of the busy day, check em out if you get a chance, and we'll have another report in a few days, sea ya then... Jeff

On The Road Again

- Hello again from the Independence. We are currently out on our annual Brian Porter -Seeker rods 15 day extravaganza with a good load of bait and eager fishermen. There were some lucky guys that won some Seeker rods , some of them new models, really great stuff I might add. Also mucho tackle and apparel for all. We are going to try the Wahoo oasis today and then keep rolling down to the promise land. So far good weather, but might get some breeze down the road. Thanks for checking in, and wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew