3 to 6 Day Long Range Tackle List
Tackle Recommendations
from Independence Sportfishing

Recommended Tackle Shops

Quantity Line Reels Rods Notes
1#25lb testAvet MX 4.5
Avet mxl 6/4 Accurate Boss B2-270
Seeker 670Light Bait
1#30lb testAvet JX 6/3
Trinadad 30 Accurate Boss B2-870
Seeker 670HMed. Bait
1#40lb TestAvet LX 6/3
Trinadad 40 Accurate Boss B2-665
Seeker G647OMed/Heavy Bait
1#50lb testAvet EX 4/02
TLD 20II Accurate Boss B2-665
Seeker 6465XHHeavy Bait
1#60lb with #80 Spectra Backing#60lb with #80 Spectra BackingSeeker 6460XHExtra Heavy Bait
1#50lb testNewell 636 5.5 Avet HX Accurate Boss B2-665Seeker T610 CSWahoo Jig

Terminal Tackle Recommendations

Quantity Description
258/0, 6/0, 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 1/0, 1, 2, Mustad 94150 or Eagle Claw 118 mag. Hooks
20Hayabusa or Owner Super Mutu Circle hooks 3/0, 4/0, 6/0
64oz., 6oz., 8oz., 12oz., 16oz. TORPEDO SINKERS
6Sliding sinkers 1/2oz., 1oz. ,2oz. ,4oz.
9Casting lures heavy yo/yo type Salas 6X jr. or Tady work well w/treble hooks in asst. colors blue/white, Scrambled egg and dorado have been the best.
4Surface Iron jigs Tady 45 and Salas 7X work well in various colors.
6 Tuna type Iron's are also useful in blue and chrome with single hook. Tady 9 and Salas 6X jr. are popular.
3Trolling Jigs Catchy spinner jet and Zuker feathers in Zucchini, Black and purple, Mexican Flag, Red and white as wll as others work well. These are used with Double hooks and swiwels mounted on the hooks.
6Mackerel bait catcher rigs. Yozuri, Izorline and Owner all make good products.
3Squid jigs for night time use in making bait for big tuna.
1Extra line in all pound test needed. We carry Izorline on the boat and can fill your reels on our line winder at any time on the trip. We carry all pound test that will be needed.
1Flrocarbon leader has become very popular the last few years and we recommend it when fishing for bluefin tuna offshore as well as bigger yellowfin at guadalupe island or Alijos rocks. It also comes in handy when the albacore become touchy and are hard to hook on regular mono. line.
0We carry all the bacic terminal tackle on board for sell it you forget something or wish to travel light.
0We have loaner rod and reels on board if you do not have your own. These are top of the line outfits with Avet reels and Seeker rods and may be used free of rental charge. You only pay for the line fills on the reel at the start of the trip or need more line during the trip. The Number of loaner outfits is limited so please reserve in advance. Call judy at least 45 days prior to be sure we will have gear for you. Gear may also be rented at the office at Point Loma sportfishing or fisherman's landing on the day of departure.
20Spilt shots (20) asst. sizes

Miscellaneous Gear / Personal Items

Misc. fishing gear: Pliers, dikes, Rod belt, Gloves, Harness with hooks not locking clips.
Personal items: Daliy change of clothing, socks and underwear.
Towel, wash cloth, tooth brush and tooth paste, deoderant, Q-tips, body Powder, brush etc.
Wiping towels for use when fishing.
1 Heavy jacket and 1 wind beaker jacket and/or sweatshirt.
Camera and flim and/or video camera.
Short rubber boots.
Tennis shoes, Two pair if you plan to fish in them.
light rain gear
Hats either wide brim straw or baseball cap/viser really help during the middle of the day in the tropics.
Reading material, each stateroom has a reading ilght in the bunk.
DVD's to watch, each stateroom has T.V. and DVD player and Satellite programming within 350 miles of port.
Soft luggage or duffel bag is best to pack gear so you may store the baggage easily when unpacked.
Sea sick meds. or any personnal meds. needed
This list is only a guideline so you may want to bring more than we have listed.