Independence Sportfishing - San Diego, CA

July 2007

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the Indy doesnt have much luck

by Indy Crew, 7-02-2007

Report just in from Captain Kyle. Combination of 2 days reports....Yesterday morning they had slow fishing on albacore, while fishing offshore, so by 10:30 they decided to move. Headed to Cedros Isl. Today...the water conditions weren't very good fishing water. Cold and dirty. So consequently we're pulling anchor and heading north to albacore grounds to fish albacore on our last day of this trip. Check back in tomorrow for ETA on the 4th of July. Kyle, Paul and the Indy Crew.

The Indy finds albies without a challenge

by Indy Crew, 7-03-2007

Report just in from Paul. We arrived at our albacore grounds around 11am this morning..Excellent fishing today. The Ablies were no challenge to the Anglers. The action was hot, hot, hot.. Our weather was drop-dead gorgeous today and conditions look good for the upcoming trip. It's nearly 8pm and still fishing. We're about ready to call it a night. See you all at the dock. Independence will dock at 6:30am on 4th of July. Check back to see if the Captain turns in another report for today. Paul, Kyle and the Indy Boys

The indy celebrates independence day

by Indy Crew, 7-04-2007

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! The Independence returned to day with an eventful load of Albacore. Terry Sandoval of Anaheim took first place with a 53.6-pound bluefin tuna. Paul Rubio took second place with a 33.2-pound albacore. Brian Koester of Los Angeles was third with a 32.4-pound bluefin tuna. Cedros was scratchy on Yellowtail but was made up on Albies during our offshore fishing. The Independence left on another run today at about 11am. Many comments were over heard, as passengers were happy to be on The Independence on Independence Day. Check back late evening on the 5th for updates. Thanks for viewing our website. Be Safe. Y'all come back now, ya' hear. Jeff, Kyle, John, Sean, Dan, Mike Rollo, Ed

Independence Day Indy

by Bill Roecker, 7-04-2007

Skipper Kyle "Rooster" Karcher docked Independence at Point Loma Sportfishing July 4 after a five-day trip that saw slow fishing at Cedros Island but ended catching near-limits of albacore.

"There was good sign of albacore," said Karcher, "a good spread of fish. We got 15 bluefin

The Indy finds not so hungry fish

by Indy Crew, 7-05-2007

Report just in from Captain Jeff. We headed due south yesterday for Albacore grounds. Started fishing immediately at daybreak. Had some decent catches, but by mid-day the Albies decided to let school out and they headed in different directions. Things started to fall apart. The rest of the afternoon we could only pick away. One here, one there. The weather is gorgeous and the conditions look good, the fish just don't seem to be hungry. We're going to hang around here again tomorrow to try our luck.Thanks for checking in with us. Jeff and the boys. . Note from Frank Skinner: to all the gang at Petrospecs, I'm glad to be out here fishing and not working, having a great time.

Independence Sportfishing 2 day report

by Indy Crew, 7-07-2007

Hello anglers and Friends, report just in from Captain Jeff. Going to do 2 days in 1 report.. Yesterday we were in Albacore territory only a few bites so we decided that we'd better take a run to Cedros while we still had time. So this morning we had a stellar Yellowtail catch. Very, very good fishing. Most Yellowtail was in the 25-45 pound category. The average was about 35 pounds. The Yellowtail bit on jigs and sardines, even a few Halibut for taste thrown in. Everyone is having a good time, with all the yanking and cranking today, they hung the rods up at about 6pm tonight for a great Steak and shrimp dinner. They will be heading for Albacore again tomorrow before heading home. Thanks for again for checking in. Jeff and the Indy Boys.

The Indy has excellent albies on last day

by Indy Crew, 7-08-2007

Good evening everyone. Jeff wanted to give you a report on this last day of his five-day trip. He indicated that it was a long haul to the Albacore grounds today from Cedros, but when they arrived they saw excellent schools of Albies everywhere. Made several stops. The Albies were 18-30#. What a way to end the trip. Weather is also just perrrrfect. See you all at the docks. Jeff, Kyle and the boys.

by Bill Roecker, 7-09-2007

Representing Art's Fishing Tackle, Tom Reynolds chartermastered the five day trip that returned July 9 aboard the Independence. He then produced the best fish of the trip to win first place. Jeff DeBuys docked the rig at Pt. Loma Sportfishing and weighed the fish.

"We had stellar fishing at Cedros," said DeBuys, "on everything. It was cast out and hold on! And it was flat calm."

Reynolds fished a sardine on a 1/0 VMC hook to take a 35.2-pound yellowtail. He used 40-pound Seaguar fluorocarbon leader, 40-pound Izorline XXX line on a 20-50 Beastmaster reel and a Truline 36 rod.

Jeff Friesen of Fresno was second, for a 34.6-pound yellow, and Brian Atkinson of Redondo Beach won third place for a 34.2-pound yellowtail.

The Indy gets some good ones

by Indy Crew, 7-09-2007

Thanks to everyone checking in on this fish report site. Here is the report for our trip coming back on July 9, Great trip and a thanks to Art's Tackle and our chartermaster Tom Reynolds. Tom took first place with a 35.2 Yellowtail, 2nd place Jeff Friesen with a 34.6 Yellowtail, and 3rd place went to Brian Atkinson with a 34.2 Yellowtail. We did a turn-a-round trip and headed back out at 11am this morning with a group from Sav-on Tackle with Vern Roberts as our chartermaster. We stopped off to get some good cured bait and headed south to do some more Albacore fishing. We will report in again Tuesday evening so check back later in the evening, usually after 7pm. Thanks again. Jeff, Tommy, John, Mike, Frank, Billy, and our Chefs Garrett, Rollo

The Indy only finds slim pickings

by Indy Crew, 7-10-2007

Fish report just in from the bridge of the Independence. Jeff indicated that as they left the bait barge they headed straight to albacore grounds. As they arrived the conditions wasn't as favorable as the last trip, only small pickin's. 12 or so. Decided to wait it out and try a morning bite. Not what they had hoped for so at that point a decision was made to head straight to Cedros. By mid morning they motored on down. Check back tomorrow to get an update on some yellowtail fishing. We are glad you visited our website. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy Boys.

The Indy finds the spot

by Indy Crew, 7-11-2007

Jeff just called in his report. Good action on Yellowtail fishing at Cedros today. They averaged 25-40 pounds. Fish are biting on jigs and bait. Everyone is having fun. They plan to stay around this area one more day and then head back to fishing off shore. The weather is just fabulous. Nice and sunny. Tonight's dinner is pork tenderloin with all the fixin's. Jeff said he hopes that our email program will be up and running this weekend. Take care and be safe. Jeff and the Indy Boys.

The Independence has a copy cat day

by Indy Crew, 7-12-2007

Hello everyone out there in cyberspace. Today's fishing seems to be a copy cat day of yesterday. Another excellent day of fishing yellowtail. These beauties were 25-35 pound average. We are leaving the Island and are going to fish offshore tomorrow on our way home, possibly for some long-fins. The seas seem to be stirring up a bit and quite choppy. We'll see what is in store for us in the morning. Take care and thanks for checking in. Jeff and the Indy Crew

The Indy has a bumpy ride home

by Indy Crew, 7-13-2007

The Independence will arrive at Point Loma at approximately 7:30am. They had a bumpy ride home so it was decided to fish the closer to the beach. The fishing was EXCELLENT. Halibut was the fish of the day.. They averaged 30 pounds.. What fun.. See you all Saturday Morning. The Indy Boys

The Indy takes a moment to makes some thanks

by Indy Crew, 7-14-2007

The Indy docked at Point Loma this morning at 7:30, we'd like to take a moment to thank everyone onboard for a successful trip, mostly to Sav-on tackle our sponsor. Our jackpot winners were: Joe Armstead, with a 50.4 yellowtail, Larry Frontino with nice looking Halibut and Daniel Henderson for another great halibut of 38.2 pounds. We left at 11:45 this morning with West Coast Marketing our sponsor. They produced some great give-a-ways for the passengers and we left the bait receivers with a fresh load of bait and are heading back out to try our luck once again. At the helm today is Captain Kyle (Rooster) Captain Paul Strasser. This afternoon will be a travel day so we will report in again tomorrow evening. Please check back for an updated report. Please have a safe weekend. Captains Kyle and Paul the entire Indy crew.

50-Pound Yellowtail

by Bill Roecker, 7-14-2007

Independence returned under Jeff DeBuys hand July 14. Jeff docked at Pt. Loma Sportfishing following a five-day SaveOn Tackle open trip with 31 anglers.

"We had some albacore the first day," said Jeff, "but it wasn't very good fishing, so we went to Cedros and San Martin Islands. "Cedros had spectacular yellowtail fishing, and we got a bunch of halibut at San Martin."

Big tuna angler Joe Armstead of Mountain View bagged the first-place winner on the trip, a 50.4-pound yellowtail He said he threw it a scrambled eggs Salas 6X Jr. iron on 40-pound Big Game line. He used a Newell 440 P reel and a Calstar 6470 rod.

"It bit as soon as the jig hit the water," said Joe. The fish came aboard after a 15-minute tussle.

Larry Frontino of El Segundo and Daniel Henderson of Long Beach tagged twin halibut. The XL-sized flatties weighed 38.8 and 38.2-pounds respectively. Both were sardine chompers.

Photos for 7-14-2007


The Indy picks up some yellowtail

by Indy Crew, 7-15-2007

Just in from the Indy. Last night we had a great raffle courtesy of West Coast Marketing and our charter master Rocki Rocchi. We are in the local zone today with decent fishing.. Managed to pick up a handful of yellowtail on the kelp paddies, a handful of Yellowfin, but our targets were set on bluefin. We managed decent fishing on bluefin. They averaged around the 45-pound category. We have elected to stay here another day to try our efforts for another eventful day tomorrow. Nice weather good fishing what more could one ask for. The anglers are having a great time. Kyle, Paul and the Indy boys.

Another Good day for the Independence

by Indy Crew, 7-16-2007

Report just in from Captain Paul. Another good day of offshore fishing. Mixed yellowfin, Bluefin and yellowtail. The weather is fair and all is well. John ALEXOPOULOS wishes his lovely wife Rebecca a happy 19th wedding anniversary. His thoughts of you are in his heart today and always. . Tomorrow the target will be yellowtail fishing. Check back for updates tomorrow evening. Be Safe. Kyle, Paul and the Indy Boys.

The Indy has EXCELLENT fishing

by Indy Crew, 7-17-2007

Report just in Captain Kyle. EXCELLANT fishing today on yellowtail, average was 40 pounds. 1 white seabass about 45 pounds and a 30 pound halibut. Tomorrow they will be heading closer to home, but first they plan to fish for tuna offshore. Everyone had a great time and they are ready to call it an evening. Our gourmet chef's Garrett and Rollo have planned Chicken and Shrimp Dinner with Banana fosters for dessert. Check back for another report tomorrow and and ETA for Thursday morning. Be Safe. Kyle, Paul and the Indy Crew.

The Indy fish report 07-18-07

by Indy Crew, 7-18-2007

The Indy will dock at Point Loma Sportfishing at approximately 7-7:30am, Anyone going out on Thursday's trip, sign in will begin at approximately 8-8:30am. Be there early for parking is at a premium. Check back this evening to see if we have added a fish report to todays ETA Report.

Rooster Wreaks Havoc

by Bill Roecker, 7-19-2007

The five-day West Coast Marketing charter led by chartermaster Dave Rocchi aboard the Independence arrived July 19 with skipper Kyle "Rooster" Karcher at the helm. He was assisted by owner-skipper Paul Strasser, and the trip, with 29 anglers, was a great success, after Rooster took a chance and went looking.

"We had decent bluefin fishing," said Rooster at Point Loma Sportfishing. "We also got some yellowfin and we had excellent yellowtail fishing at Cedros Island. The fish there were jugged with small mackerel.

"Cedros was biting. There seems to be a bunch of new fish in there. They ate the yoyo jig, the surface jig, and bait. All colors worked with the iron."

Rooster and Strasser posed with the winners to celebrate their success. The winner was Jeremy Doty of Tustin, who got his 44.2-pound bluefin on a sardine and a 2/0 Super Mutu hook. He fished with 40-pound Ande line on a Daiwa 250 reel and a Calstar 665 rod.

Stephen Earner of San Diego won second place for a 44-pound bluefin, and Steve Buch of Novata bagged a 43-pound white seabass that qualified for third place. Phil Spiller of Huntington Beach caught a 32-pound halibut and stood in with the winners.

The Indy fish report 07-19-07

by Indy Crew, 7-19-2007

The boat arrived at 7:30am with an assortment of fish. Including Yellowtail, Bluefin, Yellowfin, a halibut and a White Seabass. Jackpot winners were 1st place Jeromy Doty with a 44.2 pound Bluefin, 2nd place Stephen Earner II with a 44 pound Bluefin and 3rd place Steve Bach with 43.4 white seabass. Thanks again for a great trip and we are eager to see you all again next year. The boat left about 11:15am on another trip. The Baja Paddy Hoppers with Chartermaster Sherman Lim sponsored this trip. We are now headed south for another venturous trip. Check back for more details Friday evening. Captains Mark and Paul and the Indy Boys.

The Independence Fish Report 07-22-07

by Indy Crew, 7-22-2007

Hello from the Indy, The weather has been very good the last 3 days so we started the trip offshore in search of tuna and had a fair day on yellowfin with a few yellowtail and bluefin mixed in. The fish were in the 12 to 35 lb. range. Yesterday we spent yellowtail fishing and had our days limits of 12 to 52 lb. yellowtail along with one 45 to 50 lb. white sea bass. Today we are in the middle of the day offshore and have not caught a fish to show for our efforts. Hope we can connect before dark on some kind of tuna. Tomorrow we plan to be in the albacore zone to have our hand at those. We will check back later as we finish the trip. Mark, Paul & Indy Boys

Two 'Tails, Biscuit

by Bill Roecker, 7-24-2007

Mark Pisano docked Independence July 24 after a five-day trip with 31 anglers. "We had beautiful weather," he said, "and Cedros Island gave us some good fishing."

Pisano was assisted by partner Paul Strasser. Sherman Lim was the chartermaster on the Baja Paddy Hoppers trip.

Dave LaGuardia of San Diego won first place for his 48.8-pound yellowtail. It came on a dropper loop. He fished a sardine on a 4/0 Mustad 91450 hook tied to 60-pound Izorline, on a TLD 30 reel and a Seeker 6460 H Black Steel rod.

Gerry Perez of San Diego won second place for a 43-pound white seabass that bit on a Tady 4/0 jig in blue and glow, and Marlon Thompson of Rancho Palos Verdes got third place for a 37.7-pound yellowtail.

The indy fish report 07-24-07

by Indy Crew, 7-24-2007

Hello everyone, we now have our e mail on line, and here is a quick report for today. We'd like to thank the Baja Paddy Hoppers for a splendid trip, Especially Sherman Lim our chartermaster. Great Job. Our jackpot winners for this trip were as follows: 1st place goes Dave Laguardia, he had a 48.8 Yellowtail, 2nd place went to Gerry Perez with a 43.3 white Seabees, and 3rd place to Marlon Thompson with a 37.7 yellowtail. Thanks guys. At 11:30 today we departed on another 5-day extravaganza, and got a great load of sardines on the way out. We are headed for point's south, and have high hopes for us the next couple of days. The weather is great. See you later, Jeff, Kyle, John, Tommy, Dan, Mike, Ed, & Rolf

Independence Sportfishing Fish Report 07-25-07

by Indy Crew, 7-25-2007

Good evening everyone. The weather today was outstanding. We had some pretty fair action offshore today on yellowytail and tuna. The over all consensuses for today are that most of the fish out here didn't want to bite. when they do decide to go on a biting rampage we want to be there. Tomorrow's game plan is we are headed to fish yellowtail, so check in and see what's going on tomorrow night. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Indy sportfishing fish report 07-26-07

by Indy Crew, 7-26-2007

Hello to all. Here is the report for today. We spent today fishing for jumbo yellowtail with some success. We caught them on bait, jigs, you name it. We had excellent weather as well. Everyone had a great time today yanking and cranking in the sun. We are going to spend tomorrow looking offshore for some action. Thanks for checking in, the Indy crew

Indy fish report 07-27-07

by Indy Crew, 7-27-2007

Hello again from the independence. Here is a quick report for today. We had steady action on yellowtail, dorado, and a few tuna this morning, and then a fish here and there the rest of the day. The weather is as good as it gets out here at present. We are headed up to fish for albacore for tomorrow's endeavor, so please wish us luck, as they are playing hard to get right now. Tonight we are going to have Ed's famous pork chops for dinner. yum, yum. See ya later, Jeff and the Indy crew

Indy fish report 07-28-07

by Indy Crew, 7-28-2007

Report just in, Todays fishing was quite slow. The Indy will dock at Point Loma Sportfishing at 5:30am on Sunday Jul 29. Anyone going out on Tomorrows trip sign in will begin between 7-8:30. Remember you must be here early in-case of early departure.

Indy fish report 07-29-07

by Indy Crew, 7-29-2007

The Golden Group returned this morning with another eventful trip. Dr. Tom Golden and his group finished up a five-day trip aboard the Independence Ira Drogin of Brooklyn won first place for his 35.2-pound yellowtail. Randall Gershon of Costa Mesa was second with a 34.4-pounder, and his dad Bob Gershon of LA was third, with a 33.8-pound yellowtail. Everyone was here early so we left again at 10:15 am. Gary Kimura heads up his annual group. Made our stop at the bait receivers for a nice load of and are headed due south. Check back again tomorrow for more updates. Captain Jeff and his Indy Crew.

The Golden Group

by Bill Roecker, 7-29-2007

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tom Golden and his group finished up a five-day trip aboard the Independence July 29. There were 31 anglers aboard, and the trip's skipper was Jeff DeBuys.

"We had a great time," said Dr. Golden at Pt. Loma Sportfishing.

Skipper DeBuys was nearby. "We had excellent weather," he added, "and very good offshore fishing for yellowtail, yellowfin tuna and dorado."

Ira Drogin of Brooklyn won first place for his 35.2-pound yellowtail. It bit on a sardine pinned to a 3/0 Mustad hook, he said, and "He ran all over the place! He went straight for the sonar dome under the boat."

Drogin used 30-pound Ande line, a Penn 12 H reel and a Daiwa five and a half-foot rod.

"I won the jackpot two years in a row," he noted.

Randall Gershon of Costa Mesa was second for a 34.4-pounder, and his dad Bob Gershon of LA was third, for a 33.8-pound yellowtail.

Indy fish report 07-30-07

by Indy Crew, 7-30-2007

Here is a quick rundown for today. We fished offshore for yellowtail and dorado today. The best part of the day was morning, followed by a slow afternoon, and right before dark we caught some more. The weather is good as well. We are going to fish at the island tomorrow for some yellows. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

indy fish report 07-31-07

by Indy Crew, 7-31-2007

Hello from the independence. To begin with we had very good weather here at the island. As far as the fishing goes, the a.m. was a bit slow, as we were looking for fish from one end of the island to the other. Sometime around 10:30 we found what we were looking for, the big bruiser yellowtail. We ended up having a good day on these big'uns. We are going to try this again tomorrow, so wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew