Independence Sportfishing - San Diego, CA

July 2017

Fish Report & Photo Archive

0530 ETA

by Jeff DeBuys, 7-02-2017

Boat will arrive at Point Loma Sportfishing at 5:30am, Next departing trip on 7/3 will be 2pm or earlier, everyone be there by 12 noon or earlier..


Photo Credit: Jeff DeBuys
by Jeff DeBuys, 7-02-2017

Geno gets a nice blue

Jason gets a Red White & Bluefin

Photo Credit: Jeff DeBuys
by Jeff DeBuys, 7-02-2017

coming home

by Jeff DeBuys, 7-02-2017

After hitting many many schools today we got just a little bit of justice and landed a few bluefin for the effort. We will be tied up at 0530 tomorrow, sea ya then, Jeff & crew

JP Winners

Photo Credit: Jeff DeBuys
by Indy Crew, 7-04-2017

Nice catch on YT & BF on our last day of Seeker Rods,
1st Greg Cox 44 lb. yellowtail
2nd Gary Wheeler 38 lb. yellowtail
3rd Gene McKenna 31 lb. bluefin tuna
We had another great trip this year and many thanks to Seeker Rods and Brian Porter for everything, and to everyone who made the trip a huge success, Jeff & crew

Gavin is proud of his catch.

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-07-2017

great fishing today 7/7/2017

by Matt Kaullen, 7-08-2017

We had great fishing today on our annual Izorline/Turner Outdoor 5 day. Wendy and Lori had some great giveaways and are keeping the boys in check. Good action on school grade yellowfin. It was hot and heavy with everyone bending. Lots of smiles and sore arms. We are working our way up the line tomorrow looking for more tuna and kelp. Keep you posted wish us luck. Matt and Independence crew


Eric & Kristen with a nice Yellowtail
Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-08-2017

Today we did some kelping and ended up with a few yellowtail and tuna for our effort. We are still working our way up the line in search for more. Matt & the Indy crew


Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-09-2017

Greg Yonai pulled a nice one out of the weeds


Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-10-2017

1st place Greg Yonai 26.8 Yellowtail
2nd place Staci Yonai 22.4 Yellowfin
3rd place Jeremiah Lemon 21.1 Yellowfin
Thanks again to a great fun group. See you again next year.


by Judy Collins, 7-12-2017

The boat called in reporting good fishing on Yellowfin Tuna 12-20 Lbs. Beautiful weather and all aboard are doing fine. They will be fishing for Yellowtail tomorrow.


by Judy Collins, 7-13-2017

Great report from the boat as the Internet is not working properly. Half Moon Bay anglers scored big time getting daily limits around on good grade Yellowtail 18-30 Lbs with a few standouts. Everything worked ; fly-line, dropper loop,yo yo, and the surface iron boys had a great time. They are going to head up the line to concentrate on Yellowfin Tuna tomorrow. Everyone on board is doing great.


by Judy Collins, 7-14-2017

The boat called in this afternoon with a great report. Steady action on Yellowfin Tuna 12-18 Lbs. They also reported good fishing on that nice grade Yellowtail. Weather was up a little today however it didn't damper the anglers spirits. Will be working up the line tomorrow offshore looking for kelps. Weather outlook better tomorrow.


by Judy Collins, 7-15-2017

The boat called in reporting a good day of kelping offshore. They picked up nice grade Dorado and some more Yellowtail. Much nicer weather today and everyone is doing great. The boat will continue looking offshore while gaining altitude


by Judy Collins, 7-16-2017

The boat just called in and reported they are traveling up in nice weather. They will arrive back home at 05:30 Monday morning. For those of you going on the next trip, Judy will start sign in approx. 7:00am. Be sure to bring your passports with you when coming up to sign in.


by Judy Collins, 7-17-2017

Just a note to everyone regarding Passports. It it critical that we have the latest up to date information on your passports in order to fish certain areas in Mexico. If you have renewed your passport please send a clear color copy so we can update our files. It cannot be stressed strongly enough to have this current information. Thank you


Photo Credit: Jeff DeBuys
by Jeff DeBuys, 7-17-2017

1st John Million 32 lb. Yellowtail
2nd Connor Northrop 31lb. Yellowtail
3rd. James Duntley 31lb. Yellowtail
Honorable Mention Nancy Halpern 30.9 Yellowtail

A big thanks to Bob and Sherry and to everyone who made the trip this year a big success, sea you all next year , Jeff & crew


by Jeff DeBuys, 7-19-2017

Hello everyone we have been traveling the past few days and will begin the process in a few hours , meanwhile Sherman has been busy styling out everyone with some great fishing swag and everyone is rigged and ready. Yesterday we had a sign of that Yellowfin Tuna and looks to an area to check out on the way home. The weather is just about as good as it gets and looking forward to getting busy. Check in later for more hot reports, Jeff & Indy crew


by Jeff DeBuys, 7-19-2017

We arrived down at the spot this morning only to find that conditions had changed for the worse. After a few hours of scouring the place the writing was on the wall and we bailed out on that place. We made a move and late in the day we salvaged the day with good Yellows and Grouper till dark. We are still having trouble with the pictures, but we'll keep trying to send them. Great weather , thanks for checking in, Jeff & crew

Photos for 7-19-2017

Hamachi for Mike
Photo Credit: Jeff DeBuys


by Jeff DeBuys, 7-20-2017

Today was just what we come down here for, excellent quality Yellows , outstanding action full speed at times and some exotic's , this trip it was great Grouper fishing that really got everyone pumped up. All fixed up on Yellas we are heading up all the time and do some offshore exploring the next few days. Wish us luck, Jeff & crew

Photos for 7-20-2017

Photo Credit: Jeff DeBuys


by Jeff DeBuys, 7-22-2017

Fishing yesterday and this morning was tough as ever changing conditions out here and kelps that were productive one day are dry the next. With only minimal success we have run out of time, but with a nice bounty in the hatches from down below we are in great shape. We will be in at 0530 tomorrow. . For those of you going on Sundays trip Judy will start sign in shortly after 6:00. Please be sure to bring your passport with you when you come up to sign in. Sea ya then Jeff & crew

Avet Reels/Graftech Rods/Raider Lures Underway

by Matt Kaullen, 7-24-2017

Hey guys! We left yesterday and pick up a good looking load of sardines. We are out on another Westcoast Marketing sponsored 7 day trip. Rick Ozaki is the chartermaster and brought all sorts of great giveaways from Avet Reels, Raider Jigs, and Graftech Rods. We are traveling down south rigging up for the days to come. Beautiful weather and a great group for us here today. Hope to keep you posted with lots of good news. Wish us luck. Matt and Independence crew.


by Jeff DeBuys, 7-25-2017

1 place Mark Lee 30 lb. yellowtail
2 place Julia Jedinak 29 lb. yellowtail
3 place Luis Velazquez 44 lb. grouper
As always Sherman put on a great spread for everyone and along with great fishing and weather , we had a really nice time this year. A huge thanks to Sherman and everyone who made the trip so pleasurable. Sea you all next year, Jeff & crew

Good Start

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-25-2017

Good start for us today

Gus is on fire

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-25-2017


Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-25-2017

Great start for us today on Yellowtail. We had good fishing when we arrived at our destination. Fly line bait yo yo jigs and the infamous surface iron was the hot ticket for these beautiful grade fish. We managed to scratch though the day and the deck was busy. We are gonna hang out and try it again in the morning. Lots of fun in the good weather. Matt and Independence crew.


Stacy is one heck of an angler. Don't be fooled guys
Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-26-2017

Today was another excellent day of Yellowtail fishing. The weather was hot and so was fishing. More beautiful grade fish for everyone aboard. We are moving on in search of more exotics. Wish us luck.


Bingo on Wahoo
Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-27-2017

Another awesome day today fishing. Great weather and lots of fun mangling big Wahoo. Everyone got at least one bite. We are headed up the line looking offshore tomorrow. Hopefully we bump into something noteworthy. Wish us luck. Matt and Indy crew.

Photos for 7-27-2017

Rick Ozaki the birthday boy gets us started
Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
Lift Rudy!!! Very nice Wahoo
Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen

ETA 7/30/2017

by Matt Kaullen, 7-29-2017

The Independence will arrive back at Point Loma Landing Dock at approximately 5:30am Sunday Morning , Anglers departing on tomorrows trip, Don't forget your passports. Copies will not be accepted for Mexican Fishing waters.


by Matt Kaullen, 7-30-2017

We wrapped up our trip today with some action on tuna. We found a few schools of biting Yellowfin that wanted to play. We fished as long as we could before heading for the barn. A big success with a variety for everyone on board. Thanks again to Avet Reels, Raider jigs, Graftech rods, and Rick Ozaki for the swag. Hope to see y'all again soon. Matt and independence crew


by Jeff DeBuys, 7-31-2017

Yesterday we departed on our annual Tahoe Tuna Club 7 day extravaganza. On our way out of the harbor we picked up a nice load of bait from E B bait co. Today was spent jigging up 14 to 25 lb. Yellowfin Tuna and we managed to get our daily limits in less than ideal conditions, windy, choppy. We are going down in search of Yellas for tomorrow's game. Wish us luck, Jeff & crew