Independence Sportfishing - San Diego, CA

July 2020

Fish Report & Photo Archive

trip 20-8 jp winners

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-01-2020

Jackpot winners 8 day Seeker
1 Manny Ignacio 42.3
2 Chance Barber 39.6
3 Ryan Valterria 39.4
Thanks again guys hope to see you soon!

trip 20-8 Rogers 5 day

by Matt Kaullen, 7-01-2020

We are off to a good start out here on our Rogers 5 day trip. WE have good weather and good tuna fishing thus far. We are going to hang out and try for some more tomorrow. Wish us luck


07-02-2020 Lots of action

by Matt Kaullen, 7-03-2020

We had another great day of offshore fishing today. We had stops for yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, and dorado! lots of action today and the guys are loving every bit. We have one more day out here and we are hoping for more of the same. Wish us luck  Matt and Indy crew

trip 20-8 jp winners

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-04-2020

Jackpot winners Rogers 5 day
1 Richard Mccanless 42# bluefin
2 Dane Barriault 39.6 bluefin
3 Charlie Hashimura 37.1 bluefin
Thanks again guys see y’all soon


by Matt Kaullen, 7-07-2020

Lots of action today for us to say the least. We had limit style fishing for 25# class Yellowfin and good kelping for Yellowtail and some Dorado. Everyone on board got their shot. We hope for more of the same tomorrow. The group is having a great time and the fish stories are rolling! Wish us luck tomorrow. Matt and Independence crew.


trip 20-9a Ended Stong

by Matt Kaullen, 7-07-2020

We ended strong today with a few more good kelps and the icing on the cake was some nice bluefin. We are headed for the barn with a great catch of tuna and yellowtail to bring home to you guys at home waiting on some fresh fish. This group was an excitement to fish with and everyone was working well together in the heat of battle. Thanks for making it happen guys! Matt and Independence crew.



by Matt Kaullen, 7-10-2020

Keeping the ball rolling down here with yet another great day of fishing. Lots of kelp holding Yellowtail and literally tons of tuna. We were very fortunate to get a sample of both Bluefin and Yellowfin. The Bluefin are far more reluctant to bite but the Yellowfin make up for it with aggressive action packed fishing. We have had a great trip and have a great catch on board. Thanks to the Wild Game Feed Club for putting in the work to make this successful trip happen. Matt and Independence crew

Good Bluefin Fishing!

Photo Credit: Indy Crew
by Mark Pisano, 7-13-2020

Captain Mark Pisano called in with an update from the Independence.  We have good fishing for Bluefin Tuna.  We have 36 Bluefin Tuna and 3 Yellowfin Tuna.   I just spoke with the boat and they are  stopping on another school.   We have been seeing good action on 25 to 40 pound Bluefin Tuna.  There is also a good chance on fish in the 60 to 80 pound range.  Plus you always have a shot the big fish that don’t seem to bite too well.

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Killer Bluefin

by Brian Pifer, 7-17-2020

Killer way to end our 1.5 days. Limits of bluefin tuna from 25-40lbs. 3 bluefin at 70lbs. Also had pretty good sign of yellowfin tuna. We ended with 23 yellowfin. It was impressive of the amount of fish out there right. Great time to book a trip with us on the Indy. Jump on the Indy, plenty of distancing space..We are taking great care with sanitizing for your health..Brian and Indy Crew

Good Fishing

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-21-2020

Back in the swing of things here with the annual Graftech Rods/ Avet Reels charter. Rick Ozaki had some great giveaways as usual with rods reels and swag. Lots of familiar faces around the boat and the gang came hungry for fish. We started yesterday on the school grade Yellowfin and got enough for our likings. We moved on and found some big bruiser Yellowtail with most over the 30 pound mark. We had quite the day tugging on Yellowtail. We managed to get a few handfuls of Wahoo to throw in the mix and we are back in search for tuna. The weather is coming down all the time and we look forward to what’s off the bow. Id say we are all having a great time. Wish us luck. Matt and Independence crew

Photos for 7-21-2020

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen

trip 20-12 Tahoe Tuna Trip

by Matt Kaullen, 7-25-2020

We left today on the annual Tahoe Tuna charter and the gang is in good spirits as always. Very eager to get out and go fishing. We had a sample right out the gates of some bluefin and we are gonna try again in the morning. We are gonna take advantage of this great weather and hope for some more bites! Wish us luck. Matt and Indy crew

trip 20-12 Bluefin tuna day

by Matt Kaullen, 7-26-2020

A fabulous day of fishing for us today for bluefin tuna. We were very fortunate to get a good school to stick this morning and drifted all day with it for limits of bluefin. Id say that everyone had more than a blast tugging on tuna today and we are on the search for more. Matt and Indy crew

trip-12 Tahoe Tuna

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-29-2020

Good yellowtail fishing today.

trip 20-12 Tahoe Tuna Trip

by Matt Kaullen, 7-29-2020

We had a big day of yellowtail fishing today with everyone getting there daily limit. Nice big mean yellowtail from 15-35 pounds. Lots of fun for sure watching them boil around. Hot ticket was the surface iron and the flyline bait. We are gonna give it another go tomorrow before we head offshore again. Wish us luck. Matt and Independence crew


Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-30-2020

Another great day of fishing for us today. We started off catching our limit of Yellowtail and in the afternoon we went looking for big Bluefin. Pretty amazing show and sign of fish from 50-250 pounds. We had our hands full for a bit and landed some real beauties. Weather is up and we still have one more day of fishing. Here is Joe with a 170#. Matt and Independence crew.


Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen
by Matt Kaullen, 7-31-2020

What a way to end a trip with giant Bluefin Tuna. We Hoped for good enough weather to work with and we were definitely rewarded today. Though it was still choppy it wasn’t as bad as advertised and we took advantage. We scored on fish from 120-200 pounds and got quite the show on the kite. We are headed in with a great catch and a great group. Thanks again Tahoe Tuna Club! Matt and crew

Photos for 7-31-2020

Photo Credit: Matt Kaullen