Independence Sportfishing - San Diego, CA

July 2016

Fish Report & Photo Archive


by Indy Crew, 7-01-2016

Not much of a report for today as we travelled and made a few drifts for Reds gaining altitude all the time. We are going to be in position for Bluefin Tuna in the morning. Wish us luck Jeff


by Indy Crew, 7-02-2016

The Independence will dock at Pt. Loma Sportfishing Sunday morning at 5:15. For all of you going out on Sundays trip,. Judy will start sign in approx. 7:00 AM. Make sure you have your passports with you when coming up to sign in.


by Indy Crew, 7-02-2016

We fished for the elusive Bluefin Tuna today and scored 6 fish in the 70 to 90 lb. range for the effort. We saw good sign of the jumbo's but getting a bite is tough. We are going to be tied up tomorrow at 0515. Judy will start sign for tomorrows 11/2 day trip at 3:30PM sea ya then , Jeff


by Indy Crew, 7-04-2016

On behalf of Mark, Paul and the staff of Independence Sportfishing we would like to wish everyone a happy 4th of July. Enjoy the fireworks, have a good barbecue and most of all be safe.

Seeker 8 Day Returns

by Indy Crew, 7-04-2016

We arrived early Sunday morning and weighed up jack pot fish 1st place 72 lb. Bluefin Mark Mcclean a tie for 2nd and 3rd Alana Hull and Garrick Sakado with 68 lb. Bluefin. Thanks to Brian Porter and Seeker for putting it all together and everyone who made the trip. Happy 4 th of July to Everyone!!


by Indy Crew, 7-04-2016

The INDEPENDENCE will arrive at 5:30am on Tuesday 7/5...OUTGOING Anglers, please be sure to bring your passports and the boat will be departing early,9:30 if everyone is here... so dont be late.

Premium Yellows

by Indy Crew, 7-08-2016

We started off our day today with a few premium yellowtail and big seabass. We saw good sign of fish and managed to scratch a day out of it. We are moving up the line for tomorrow's activities and plan on tagging a few more yellows. We will keep you posted. Wish us luck.

ETA 7/10/16

by Indy Crew, 7-09-2016

The Independence will dock at Point Loma Sportfishing Landing at 6:45am. Anglers departing on 7/10, be sure to bring your passports.

Half Moon Bay Departs

by Indy Crew, 7-10-2016

We along with the Half Moon Bay gang departed on our 7 day extravaganza yesterday with high hopes and a decent load of bait. We will report later on when we have something to share. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew

Queen of Hearts Departs

by Indy Crew, 7-10-2016

We along with the queen of hearts gang departed on our 7 day extravaganza yesterday with high hopes and a decent load of bait. We will report later on when we have something to share. Wish us luck, Jeff and the Indy crew


by Indy Crew, 7-12-2016

Great start today as we got an early start on our Yellowtail and they were biting full speed till we moved the boat around noon. Everyone got in on the action, Salas yo yo jigs, Sardines, dropper loop were all the hot ticket. Throw in a couple of exotic's and there you have it. We made a move and see what happens tonight and tomorrow on the big bite down here. Great weather as well. Check back tomorrow, Jeff


by Indy Crew, 7-13-2016

We experienced another great day here on the Independence as we added another 40 or so premium Yellowtail and a few Grouper along with 36 nice fat Wahoo. Everyone had a chance at these speedsters and it was great to see all the first time Wahoo guys get some. We are going to keep trying for Wahoo tomorrow and see if we can keep the ball rolling, so wish us luck, Jeff , oh yeah the weather is outstanding


by Indy Crew, 7-14-2016

We enjoyed another action packed day on board the Indy today as the Wahoo put on a great show right after daylight and steady action till about 1300 hours. Again today, the Capt Jimmy Bombs ruled the deck along with Salas 6x Jr. Tar Baby and a few on Sardines. There were ample opportunity's for all and when it was all said and done 37 more Skinnies now rest in the RSW with the rest of them. We also tagged some Alijos grade Yellowtail as well. We are now gaining altitude getting in position for the grand finale. The weather is outstanding, sea ya later, Jeff & the Indy crew

ETA 7/17/16

by Indy Crew, 7-16-2016

Good Morning Anglers, the INDY will arrive at Point Loma Sportfishing Landing on 7/17 at approx 5:15am, the next trip departing on 7/17, I must remind you to bring your passports to sign in. not copies of passports will be accepted, so dont forget them. You cannot board the boat with out it.. Thanks Judy

Great Fishing

by Indy Crew, 7-16-2016

We fished offshore for yellowfin tuna and a few yellows. We accumulated 60 fish mostly tuna, and had some decent action. We will be tied up tomorrow at 0515 , and turning around on another. Sea ya then , Jeff and the Indy crew
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by Indy Crew, 7-24-2016

We got an early start yesterday and we are off on our annual Avet Reels, Graftech Rods, and Raider Jigs trip. Rick Ozaki and his crew have a ton of great giveaways for everyone and we are in high hopes to put those lures to work. We have another day of travel before we arrive at our destination but stick around for the reports. Matt Paul Oscar Billy Ben David Ed and Rollo.

Whaoo & Yellowtail

by Indy Crew, 7-25-2016

We had fun today grinding on wahoo. The weather was hot and we all had a shot at a skinny. Our plan for tomorrow is to head in towards the beach and locate some yellowtail. Wish us luck.

Terrific Day

by Indy Crew, 7-26-2016

Hot and heavy is a good way to describe our day down here. We started off early with great action on the yellowtail. We picked throughout the day and managed to get all we needed. We all had fun in the sun and had a few shots a big grouper. Our weather has been excellent the past few days and we are working up tomorrow looking for tuna and or kelps offshore. Wish us luck. Matt and Indy crew.


by Indy Crew, 7-27-2016

We managed to make a catch today on school sized Yellowfin. We are going to be looking for more in the morning. We will let you know how we do. Wish us luck! Matt and the Indy crew

Great Day

by Indy Crew, 7-28-2016

We were blessed with another great day of fishing today. We got into some more action on 12-22 pound grade yellowfin. We got all fixed up and finished our day off catching a few bass and halibut. As for tomorrow we will be starting our way home and have a few hours in the morning to try for more fish. Everyone is stoked and we are still enjoying the weather. Matt and Indy crew.


by Indy Crew, 7-29-2016

The Independence will arrive at 06:45 Saturday morning. Judy will start sign in at approx 7:00AM. Please make sure you have your passports with you when you go up to sign in.

Tahoe Tuna Club

by Indy Crew, 7-31-2016

We departed yesterday with a great group of fishermen and good bait from Everingham Bros. on our annual Tahoe Tuna club 7 day trip. Today we stopped on a few kelps for a few dorado and yellowtail. Tomorrow we get down to business and get busy. We have high hopes for the trip and will report when we have something.